Ash Jolliffe

I am a Web Applications Developer working in Southampton. I specialise in PHP.

This is my personasl website, containing my contact information and a little bit about me as a person.

My Twitter Feed


I can be reached on Facebook here.


My Twitter feed can be viewed to the right, or on the Twitter website here.


I currently enjoy developing web applications in PHP in an attempt to furhter my understanding. My current project is an upload application that is able to communicate using the Youtube API to upload a video.


I have also been teaching myself Android Application Development, producing an application for my final year project that can communicate with a PHP based Webservice.

My latest fun project is to create an XBL Live Wallpaper for Android, capable of showing gamerscore, avatar and recent games. The webservice is available here for anyone that wants to call it for their own applications.

Further examples can be found here.

Personal Life

Gaming has been a big part of my personal life, and is what introduced me to Computers and inspired my interest in the fields I currently find myself studying.

While I find myself with less time for gaming now then when I was growing up, it is still something I am very passionate about. I play a wide variety of games, mostly on pc.

Xbox Live